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Asian-Themed Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Tired of the same old Medieval European RPGs? Consider these great Asian-themed alternatives!

Best Asian-Themed Tabletop RPGs

Legend of the Five Rings (Multiple)

Because of its popularity and age there are multiple ways to experience Rokugan ...

Originally based on a card game, the Legend of the Five Rings RPG became so popular in its own right that it spawned five different editions and a Dungeons and Dragons (3rd Edition) supplement.

This means that fans can experience L5R using either its original (extremely popular) AEG rules, the newer Fantasy Flight Games rules (based on their Genesys system), or with the  Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 rules (or even 3.5 ... with a little effort).

Which Should You Play?

In general, we recommend the game's 4th edition. It consistently ranks in the top ten on RPG Geek ... out of all RPGs ever made. While it is out of print, it's still easy to find its products online. Also, because it had three prior editions, there's a wealth of supplements from those editions which can be adapted to fourth edition fairly easily.  And if that wasn't enough, there's also a ton of fan-made content online.

In short, this edition offers more content, and a more popular rules system (one that was literally made for the setting) than any other option.  But you can also read more about all three options below.

Game: B+
From 443 reviews

Legend of the Five Rings

Fourth Edition

Medieval Asian Fantasy (Original/Most Popular Rules)
Game: A-
From 351 reviews

Legend of the Five Rings

Fifth Edition

Legend of the Five Rings With the Genesys System
Resource: C
From 501 reviews
Game: C
From 976 reviews

Oriental Adventures

3rd Edition

D20 Legend of the Five Rings
Game: B-
From 71 reviews

Blood and Honor

First Edition

A Less Fantastic, More Narrative Samurai RPG, from John Wick
Game: B-
From 156 reviews

Feng Shui

First Edition

Hong Kong Cinema Action in a Variety of Settings
Game: A+
From 82 reviews


Gubat Banwa

A Phillipino Tactical Combat and War Drama Fantasy