What is Goblin Crafted?

Goblin Crafted is a 100% free site dedicated to helping table-top (or "pen and paper") role-playing gamers find gaming resources.
Whether it's a recently published product, an older classic, or even a free fan-made offering, we try to provide visitors with curated lists of the best available gaming resources.

Free ... What's the Catch?

Although this site doesn't pay its goblin laborers very much, we still have to pay the "goblins" at Amazon Web Services for hosting. To defray those costs, the site uses ads and "affiliate links".
Whenever you click a link on our site to a vendor like Amazon, DriveThruRPG, or EBay, a small percentage of your purchase will go to support this site. These links help us pay the bills, so PLEASE use them!
Because we use these sources of income we remain independent of any specific publishers. However, we DO NOT limit our recommendations to affiliate-linkable games, and also feature recommendations for free games.

Who Writes for Goblin Crafted?

YOU! Goblin Crafted began with a single author, but now has opened up to welcome new voices. That means we need you ... if you have games you'd like to recommend, and can follow our writing guidelines.

What is the Future of the Site?

Currently Goblin Crafted is just trying to get established, by building a set of gaming recommendation pages. However, we have plans to expand further ...

Next Steps

Our immediate goal is to get more voices on the site, because one writer alone can't recommend games for every possible genre. We want to find authors, incorporate their work, and build the site out in ways that make it easier for them to submit.

Longer Term Plans

Once Goblin Crafted has a variety of writers contributing recommendations (and, hopefully, money to pay the bills coming in from affiliate links), we can begin our true goal: curating all great gaming resources on the web.
In other words, we want to help gamers find not just games, but adventures, adventure ideas, maps, character creation programs, and so on: any of the useful "extra bits" that help them game. Just as with our recommendations, we'd want to recommend any great resource, so not just published adventures for a given system/edition, but also ones from fans, or from other games/editions that might be worth converting.

Future Goals

Recommendations for games and gaming resources isn't the only way we can help gamers. We also have ideas for further resources that we can not just link to, but actually provide ourselves, such as a universal character sheet creation tool, or a market for artists selling portraits of RPG characters.