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Legend of the Five Rings

Fifth Edition

Legend of the Five Rings With the Genesys System

Another Great Way to Experience Rokugan [ edit ]

As previously mentioned, although Legend of the Five Ring's fifth edition is set in the same fantasy world of Rokugan, it uses a completely different ruleset from the first four editions (which utilized an "exploding d10s" system).

Instead, the firth edition is based on another popular RPG: Fantasy Flight's Genesys System.  This system, also used in FFG's Star Wars RPG, employs a mixed set of several different sided dice ... but instead of numbers they have special symbols printed on them.

Fans of this system say that these dice allow for gameplay styles that wouldn't be possible (without having to constantly check charts) with regular dice, while critics see it as the publisher adding a needless requirement to their game to sell more dice.

Current Edition, but Uncertain Future [ edit ]

In February, 2020, FFG announced that they were laying off their entire RPG department ... only to announce a month later that all of their RPGs were continuing, but that development of them (including L5R) had moved to a new company: Edge Studio.  In the half year since, no news about any RPG products have been released from Edge, and so the future of the game is in question.

Best Way to See Rokugan for Fantasy Flight Games Fans [ edit ]

If you're already a fan of either Genesys or Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG, or if you simply want to play the latest edition of Legend of the Five Rings, the game's fifth edition is your best bet.

While this edition doesn't have the deep love of its previous edition, the Genesys system is beloved by many gamers. And with a very respectable 7+ score on RPG Geek, you can be confident that although the current Legend of the Five Rings rules are new and different, they're still a great way to experience adventures in the world of Rokugan.