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Oriental Adventures

3rd Edition

D20 Legend of the Five Rings

An Alternative for Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 Fans [ edit ]

For a somewhat brief span of time both Dungeons and Dragons and Legend of the Five Rings were owned by the same company: Wizards of the Coast.  During this period WotC published a book, Oriental Adventures, which allowed players to explore Rokugan using the rules of Dungeons and Dragons.

This was an extremely attractive combination to many gamers.  Admittedly, the rules for Dungeons and Dragons were somewhat less suited for political intrigues, or other non-combat adventures ... but even so D&D's rules were an excellent way to experience Rokugan, and the Oriental Adventures supplement provided D20 rules for many of the clans, monsters, etc. in it.

3.5th Edition or Pathfinder 1.0 Is Also Possible, With an Update [ edit ]

An official update to Oriental Adventures in D&D's "3.5" edition was later published in Dragon Magazine #318 (April 2004).  Although it wasn't a complete update for everything in Oriental Adventures, it provided enough 3.5 rules to make the supplement usable in that edition also.  Since this is also the same core system Pathfinder (1.0) was based off, Pathfinder fans can potentially use this supplement as well ... with a little adaptation work.

Although a few individual Asian-themed classes and monsters have been reprinted since, this book will almost certainly never be reprinted for modern editions of Dungeons and Dragons (primarily because Legend of the Five Rings and Dungeons and Dragons are now owned by different and competing companies).