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Gubat Banwa

A Phillipino Tactical Combat and War Drama Fantasy

Publisher Description

The archipelago of never ending war...
Sorrowsong, sorrowsong, that song without end. 
Rejoice in the glory of combat, may we never know peace:

Gubat-Banwa: The Warring States of Kitatak is a tactical combat and war drama roleplaying game set in a heroic fantasy setting inspired by Late Porcelain Period Philippines.

You play as Manggugubat, warrior-braves that make up  the warrior caste, followers of Datu, who enjoy prestige and regard oftentimes higher than their noble counterparts. As Manggugubat, you must define why you fight in this land of perpetual battle.


A Tactical RPG From the Philippines [ edit ]

In the West it can be easy to forget that Asia is an entire continent, with a whole lot more to offer than just kung fu, ninjas, and samurai.  There are in fact hundreds of different cultures, each with their own unique histories and myth.  The Philippines is a great example of this: it may not have kung fu or samurai, but it does have plenty rich native legends, which are perfect for gaming.

However, there's not a lot of gaming material set there, and what little there is mostly the featured in short adventures or minor supplements.  Also, the vast majority is isn't written by native Filipino.

Gubat-Banwa flips all that on it's head, offering not just an adventure, but an entire campaign world and a rules system designed specifically for experiencing it, all written by a native Filipino with a passion for the country's mythology.

The author also clearly has a passion for tactical role-playing games, which is to say games where the rules and details of combat play an outsized role (eg. games like Final Fantasy Tactics, or Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition). While the setting material might appeal to any gamer, the rules system to go along with it is clearly focused on those who prefer an emphasis on fight scenes.

Not Finished (Still in Beta) [ edit ]

Gubat-Banwa is still a work in progress: at the time of writing (March 2021) it's latest version was "0.6.1".  As such, we can't yet properly endorse this RPG, or try to describe the details of its mechanics, since it's still possible those details may change.

However, you can support Gubat-Banwa even today, by purchasing a pre-release copy on (which will also give you access to the final version, when it's released).  And if you act quickly, there may even still be free play-test copies of the game available (at the time of writing there were still 200+ left).

A Unique and Promising Fillipino RPG [ edit ]

Whether you buy the game to support it, or just take a look at the free play-test, you'll get two PDFs in your download.  The first is for Gubat-Banwa itself, and contains all of the rules needed to play the game. The second, Failed Faith and Hope Asunder, is a campaign book, which offers an extended adventure that begins when the party (a group of warriors) sails together to assist the settlement of Kilumkilom.

The rules of Gubat-Banwa are of course designed specifically to fit this unique campaign setting, but if you're not ready to abandon your favorite RPG, the two books (and Failed Faith and Hope Asunder in particular) contain a wealth of information about gaming in the land of Kitatak, which can easily be used with any RPG.