Generic Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Tired of the same "one-trick" RPGs, that only work for a particular genre or setting? Consider these great generic RPG alternatives, any one of which can be used to run almost any style of campaign you might want!

Best Generic Tabletop RPGs

The Big Names in Generic RPGs (Multiple)

Game: A
From 842 reviews

Savage Worlds

Adventure Edition

A Much Faster-Playing Alternative
Game: B
From 1704 reviews


4th Edition

The Most Well-Established Generic System
Game: B
From 1858 reviews


Fourth Edition

A Narrative-Focused RPG Designed for Cinematic Adventures

The Newer, More Independent Options (Multiple)

Game: A-
From 463 reviews


First Edition

A Generic System That Let's the Dice Help Tell the Story
Game: ?
From 22 reviews

Open Legend

First Edition

A Newer Generic RPG That's "Open Source"

Semi-Generic Systems (Multiple)

Tiny D6 (Multiple)

Tiny D6 isn't just one system, it's really a series of separate small ones (that all share the core common "tiny" rules).

While most generic systems offer a generic core rules book and one or more optional settings books, Tiny D6 takes the opposite approach.  They include the entire system's core rules inside each setting book, tweaking it slightly based on the setting (eg. human-exclusive settings have Archetypes, while multi-race settings have Heritages).

Thus, there is no one "Tiny d6 rulebook", onlt a variety of different setting-specific books, such as Tiny Frontiers (space), Tiny Living Dead (zombies) or Tiny Wastelands (post-apocalypse).

To match, we'll offer three separate recommendations, with the first one (Frontiers) discussing Tiny D6 overall, and the second two (Living Dead and Wastelands) focusing on how Tiny D6 adapts differently for those settings.