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Tiny Living Dead


Publisher Description

The Dead have Risen!

Tiny Living Dead is a micro-expansion for the TinyD6 ruleset. While the bulk of the book is a stripped down TinyD6 game designed to emulate zombie heavy survival horror, Tiny Living Dead does present the following new options:


The Same Tiny D6 Rules ... But With Zombies! [ edit ]

Tiny Living Dead takes the same Tiny D6 rules aleady used in Tiny Frontiers (and other Tiny games, eg. Tiny Dungeons), and adapts them instead for the zombie genre.  Because the Zombie genre requires far less new rules, Tiny Living Dead is a much smaller book: only 29 pages (compared to Frontiers' 160).

In fact, the bulk of the new material in the book is either new micro-settings or advice on how to craft zombie encounters in Tiny D6.  However, the book does contain some new rules, including some slightly different HP/death handling rules, and a new power (designed to work with yet another Tiny game, Tiny Supers).

How Does it Compare to Other Tiny Games? [ edit ]

It's hard to say objectively right now, due to the lack of available reviews, but the game does look promising.  Neither RPG Geek nor Amazon have any reviews of the game, and Good Reads only has a single review ... albeit a 5.0.  Drive Thru RPG had the most reviews (27), which averaged a score of 4.3 / 5.

Now, admitedly those scores are slightly lower Tiny Frontier's (4.8 on Drive Thru RPG), but Tiny Frontiers, having been out longer, has more than twice as many reviews.  More importantly, with so little data to go on, it's hard to say whether the game is an (mostly) undisovered gem, or just a nice supplement for Tiny D6 fans.

What is safe to say is that, if you are a Tiny D6 fan looking to branch out into the zombie genre, or if you're just a zombie fan looking for faster, lighter rules, what few reviews we do have suggest that Tiny Living Dead will be great for you.  And since the book is so short, it's price is similarly low: you can currently pickup the entire book in PDF form for only $4.