A drawing of a dieselpunk-styled airship

Dieselpunk Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Are you looking for a "science fantasy" role-playing game based in the time between WWI and the 1950s, sometimes also called the "Raygun Gothic" era?

In other words, do you want a sort of "steampunk" game, only instead of being filled with Victorian (fantastic) technology, it would be based on the diesel tech of planes and tanks?  Do you want to play a game inspired by Indiana Jones, The Rocketeer, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or countless Hayao Miyazaki movies?

If so, we have some of the best dieselpunk table-top RPGs available for you to consider.

Best Dieselpunk Tabletop RPGs

Game: A-
From 30 reviews

Warbirds Role Playing Game

First Edition

Game: B
From 261 reviews

Hollow Earth Expedition

First Edition

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