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Indiana Jones Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Do you want to race Nazis around the globe, using every form of transportation available in the 1930s, to acquire ancient powerful artifacts?  If so, an Indiana Jones theme might be perfect for your next campaign!

To help you decide what RPG system to use, consider the options here.  We take a look at both of the officially-licensed games, made from RPG giants at the height of Indiana Jones' popularity ... and also at a few more generic (but also more modern) options.

Best Indiana Jones Tabletop RPGs

Official Indiana Jones RPGs (Multiple)

During Indiana Jones' height of popularity, in the 80's and early 90's, several different official gaming products were released, but although they are official, they're also a bit ... dated.

During Indiana Jones' height of popularity, in the 80's and early 90's, several different official gaming products were released. While these games all have the advantage of being designed expressly for Indiana Jones adventures, they also use very outdated rules systems.

Thus, the options in this group are best for gamers looking for a nostalgic throwback ... or perhaps just source material, to be used with a more modern generic system (such as the ones below).

Game: F
From 31 reviews

Adventures of Indiana Jones

First Edition

The oldest Indiana Jones RPG, from the original makers of Dungeons and Dragons
Game: D
From 30 reviews

World of Indiana Jones

The World of Indiana Jones

(Slightly) Newer Indiana Jones RPG, Using the WEG Masterbook System
Game: C
From 94 reviews

Find Your Fate

Indiana Jones Series

A Series of Four Indiana Jones Solo-Play "Adventures"

Unofficial (But Great For Indiana Jones) RPGs (Multiple)

For those looking for a more modern RPG experience, there are several RPGs which aren't officially licensed for Indiana Jones ... but are nevertheless great for running and Indiana Jones campaign.

A lot has changed in role-playing games since the 80's, and most modern gamers are going to want an RPG system that's similarly modern.  Fortunately, while there haven't been any official Indiana Jones RPGs published recently, gamers still have several excellent options for systems that work well with Indiana-Jones-style campaigns.

Game: A
From 842 reviews

Savage Worlds

Adventure Edition

A modern generic RPG system with a "pulp" feel
Game: B
From 261 reviews

Hollow Earth Expedition

First Edition

A popular "pulp" rules system, designed for a non-Indiana Jones world
Game: B
From 1704 reviews


4th Edition

The oldest/most successful generic RPG system