A woman wearing futuristic gear, including a set of mirrored goggles that reflect a city street

Cyberpunk Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Ready to leave the dungeons and dragons for a near-future urban sprawl?  Are you looking for a cyberpunk rpg that will let you hack networks, replace your body parts with cybernetically enhanced versions, and fight against (or serve) global corporations?

If so, we have a detailed look at the best cyberpunk RPGs below!

Best Cyberpunk Tabletop RPGs

Game: A
From 674 reviews


Cyberpunk RED

The Latest Version of the Oldest Cyberpunk RPG
Resource: C+
From 97 reviews
Game: B
From 1704 reviews

GURPS Cyberpunk

4th Edition

A Cyberpunk RPG so "Realistic" it Was Seized by the Secret Service!
Game: C+
From 244 reviews


Sixth World (6th Edition)

Cyberpunk With Magic and Fantasy Races
Game: B+
From 183 reviews

The Sprawl

First Edition

A Lighter Rules "Powered By the Apocalypse" Cyberpunk RPG

Best Cyberpunk Resources

Resource: ?
From 0 reviews
Game: ?
From 0 reviews

Cyberpunk Zaibatsu (Corporation) Generator

A Quick Way to Generate Corporations For Your Campaign
Resource: ?
From 0 reviews
Game: ?
From 0 reviews

Automated Megaslum Clan Generator

A Quick Way to Generate Megaslum Clans (ie. Gangs)

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