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Automated Megaslum Clan Generator

A Quick Way to Generate Megaslum Clans (ie. Gangs)

Publisher Description

Here is a automated version of this: generator! I have a need for a quick Clan/Corporation generator for a cyberpunk-ish grand strategy game I am going to start running with some friends (a bit like Empyrean Dynasty but not so far into the future). Enjoy! 


A Handy Way to Generate Gangs/Clans For Your Campaign [ edit ]

Just as cyberpunk campaigns typically involve a number of interesting "Zaibatsu", or mega-corporations, they also often involve dealing with the poorest of cyberpunk society, those who live in dystopic "mega slums".  Characters venturing into those slums are likely to run into "clans" (essentially large gangs) that the slum dwellers have formed to protect themselves.

To help a GM find inspiration when creating these clans ... or when they need a way to generate one "on the fly" during an adventure ... game designer Michael Raston (of the site Lizard Man Diaries) has created an excellent "Automated Megaslum Clan Generator".  This generator produces not just a name for a clan, but four (optional) parts of a name, that the GM can combine as they wish.  It also produces a wide variety of other details about the clan: its focus, operating procedure, uniform, goal, decoration, and pattern.

In short, if you're running a cyberpunk campaign that features clan/gang-filled megaslum, this generator form Lizard Man Diaries will be the perfect tool to get the creative juices flowing!

Automated Megaslum Clan Generator
Automated Megaslum Clan Generator is available for free at: