Crime Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Not everyone wants to play a squeaky clean "hero" in their RPG: some gamers want to play as criminals!

Whether you're looking to run a campaign inspired by Breaking Bad, Sopranos, or something more unusual (eg. criminal gangs in a haunted industrial-era city), we have a great selection of crime RPGs for you to choose from!

Best Crime Tabletop RPGs

Game: A
From 1609 reviews

Blades in the Dark

First Edition

Criminal Gangs in a Haunted Industrial-Fantasy City
Resource: A+
From 39 reviews
Game: A
From 842 reviews


Adventure Edition

A 90's Mafia Product Line for Savage Worlds
Game: A
From 42 reviews

Gangbusters 1920's Adventure Role-Playing Game

B/X Edition

Game: C+
From 53 reviews

Dog Town

First Edition

Game: ?
From 0 reviews

Copperhead County

First Edition

A Blades in the Dark-Based Game of Crime in the (Modern) South

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