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Final Fantasy d20

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Final Fantasy d20 (abbreviated as FFd20) is a table-top role-playing game that uses Pathfinder rules combined with the style of the Final Fantasy videogames to create a pen-and-paper RPG that is capable of putting the epic, save-the-world adventure, deep characterization, and story philosophies that have become the hallmark of the Final Fantasy games into the control of any group of gamers.

In doing this, FFd20 takes Pathfinder as its rules base, and supplements it with new races, new classes, feats, skills, spells, prestige classes, characters, monsters, meanings, and iconography of the Final Fantasy games. Rather than focus on emulating the mechanics of the FF games, FFd20 cherry-picks from various games in the series, utilizing trends that unite them to forge a table-top game system that can successfully drive home a unique Final Fantasy feel in play.


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