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Final Fantasy Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Are you tired of the usual Dungeons and Dragons?  Do you want to ride chocobos, chat with Moogles, and fight Cactuars?  Do you wish that you could wield different colors of magic, fly airships across the world, and fight ancient evils that threaten the world?  If so, you need a tabletop role-playing game that will let you experience the many worlds of the Final Fantasy franchise, from the original to Final Fantasy XIV.

While there are no official Final Fantasy role-playing games, there are several great unofficial options.  Whether you're a fan of the game's "JRPG" mechanics, its fantastic worlds, or some combination of both, we've got the perfect Final Fantasy RPGs for you!

Best Final Fantasy Tabletop RPGs

Game: ?
From 0 reviews

Final Fantasy d6

Online Edition

Game: C
From 150 reviews

Anima: Beyond Fantasy

First Edition

Game: ?
From 14 reviews

Console RPG

Super Console (2nd Edition)

An RPG That Pokes Fun At Final Fantasy (and Other Console Games)