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Dust Devils

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Dust Devils is a role-playing game set in the dust-ridden Old West. Players portray gunslingers, gamblers, cowboys, and outlaws who must not only survive in a rugged land, but conquer their inner Devil - those dark secrets that keep folks from being honest and decent.

Dust devils asks, "Can a no good sunnuvabitch make right with his ugly, evil past and be a man the God-fearin' people of the West respect and admire? Or, will the Devil get the best of him, and everyone see that he's a cheat, a liar or a no-good killer."

Dust Devils is a game in tradition of gritty Western films like The Outlaw Josey Wales and Unforgiven.

To play this game you'll need a deck of playing cards and a small set of poker chips.

Shoot or give up the gun. Which is it gonna be?


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