Alien landscape filled with strange monsters and a spaceship

Space Horror Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Are you looking for an RPG that can handle the dual genres of both "space opera" (futuristic sci-fi settings) and horror? Do you want to start a campaign modeled after movies like Alien(s), Event Horizon, or Pitch Black?

We've assembled the perfect selection of space horror tabletop RPGs, with a detailed look into what each one has to offer, to help you find the best space horror RPG for your next campaign!

Best Space Horror Tabletop RPGs

Game: A-
From 346 reviews


First Edition

An Entire RPG Dedicated Space Horror
Game: A
From 738 reviews

ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game

First Edition

The Best Way to Battle Xenomorphs (and Other 22nd Century Humans)
Game: ?
From 18 reviews

Shadows Over Sol

First Edition

A Unique Space Horror Setting and RPG
Game: B
From 1704 reviews


4th Edition

A Generic RPG With Space Horror Options

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