A ghost rising from a blood-stained hospital bed

Horror Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Are you looking for something a little more frightening than your usual Dungeons and Dragons?  Do you want to play a game where powerful evils threaten mundane characters, characters who count themselves lucky if they can simply survive with their sanity intact?  In other words, are you looking for a horror RPG.

If so we've got four great horror RPGs for you to consider.  There's Call of Cthulhu for those looking to fight ancient evils, Ten Candles for fighting against the dying light, Vampire: The Masquerade for the horror of becoming a monster, and GURPS for bringing your own hororific creations to life.

Best Horror Tabletop RPGs

Game: B-
From 457 reviews

Vampire: The Masquerade

5th Edition

Game: B+
From 54 reviews

The Final Girl

First Edition

A Slasher Horror RPG That Can be Played in a Couple of Hours

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