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School Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Are you tired of Dungeons and Dragons?  Do you want to role-play characters who are still being educated, either at a magical or otherwise unusual academic institution?  In other words, are you looking for school RPGs?  If so, we have the games for you!

Note that these games are for role-playing as students.  If you are looking for role-playing games for children (of school age), see our collection of Kids' RPGs.

Best School Tabletop RPGs

Resource: C+
From 96 reviews
Game: C
From 191 reviews


3rd Edition

A Zany University for Witches, Mad Scientists, and Others
Resource: ?
From 5 reviews
Game: B
From 651 reviews

Toil and Trouble

Revised Edition

A Harry Potter-Themed RPG, Using Fiasco Rules
Game: B+
From 498 reviews

Kids on Bikes

First Edition

A Game Focused on Telling "Small Town Visited by a Powered Being" Stories
Game: A-
From 225 reviews

Kids on Brooms

First Edition

A Harry Potter-Inspired Game, Using Kids on Bikes Rules
Game: A-
From 37 reviews

Hogwarts: A Role-Playing Game

First Edition

A Free Fan-Made Harry Potter RPG, Powered by the Apocalypse