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Kids Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Role-playing games attract a wide range of audiences, and not just for adults: kids play RPGs too!  Whether you have younger children, older children, or a mix of both, we've selected the best kids RPGs available for you to choose from.

Learn about what makes each game fun and unique, including the awards they've won, price comparisons from online vendors, and a summary of each one's rules.  In short, we have everything you need for you to select the perfect RPG for your children.

Best Kids Tabletop RPGs

Game: A
From 409 reviews

Amazing Tales

First Edition

A Children's' RPG With a Variety of Settings, for Kids Ages 4+
Game: A-
From 255 reviews

No Thank You, Evil!

First Edition

A Game For Children Ages 5+, by Monte Cook, Set in a Magical Land Where Anything is Possible
Game: A-
From 386 reviews

Hero Kids

First Edition

A Dungeons & Dragons-Themed RPG For Children Ages 4-10
Game: B-
From 103 reviews

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

First Edition

A Game of Helping Others on Distant Worlds, For Ages 12+ (or Lower With Adult Help)
Game: A
From 329 reviews

Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Adventure Game

First Edition

A Game for Children Ages 6+ (With Adult Supervision) to Explore the World of Jim Henson's The Labyrinth
Game: ?
From 5 reviews

Little Monster Detectives

First Edition

A Game That Lets Children Ages 5+ Confront Fears By Solving Monster-Caused Mysteries
Game: A-
From 763 reviews

Mouse Guard

Second Edition

An Adult Game Based on a Popular Children's Comic (Playable by Kids With Adult Supervision)

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