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Amazing Tales

First Edition

A Children's' RPG With a Variety of Settings, for Kids Ages 4+

Publisher Description

The best stories are the ones you make up with your children.

That’s the thought behind Amazing Tales, a story making game of roleplay and imagination for children who are old enough to have adventures. With the very simple Amazing Tales rules to guide you, you and your child can make up stories together, rolling dice to add drama and excitement for everyone


A Generic Role-Playing Game For Kids [ edit ]

When dealing with children, especially young children, having lots (or even a medium amount) of rules is not an advantage.  While some older children may want to play what's essentially "Dungeons and Dragons junior", younger ones might not even be interested in swords in sorcery.  They might instead want to play a game about dinosaurs, pirates, or motorcycles.

Amazing Tales is a game that embraces this, and allows even the youngest of players (age 4+) to engage in a role-playing-like experience, where the (very simple) rules allow them to do anything they want with their imaginary character.  That imaginary character is extremely simple to create, with the real emphasis on harnessing the child's imagination to create a character they enjoy playing ... but there's still enough of a rules framework to guide them that Amazing Tales still feels like a game, and not just make believe.

Because the rules of Amazing Tales themselves are so simple ... and because young children generally aren't interested in reading long RPG books ... the vast majority of the book is geared towards the adult game master.  It provides four sample settings (a mysterious wood, a magical kingdom, a pirate sea, and an outer space setting), but because it's so generic it could also be adapted to any other setting desired.  The book also contains some great advice for adults GMing children, as many parents won't have much experience in that area.

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Character Creation [ edit ]

As both a children's RPG and a generic RPG, Amazing Tales character creation system is at the same time both extremely open-ended and extremely simple.  First, the player is encouraged to come up with a name and a concept for their character, and to draw or describe them.  This concept can be anything that the child can imagine, from traditional knights and wizards, to robots, dinosaurs, aliens and more.

Next, the player picks four skills for their character.  Tose skills aren't selected from any list, but instead are just made up by the player.  Skills are a bit more broadly defined than in adult RPGs, so for instance being able to speak to animals would be considered a "skill".  The goal is to encourage the child to use their imagination and create a fun character, not to limit them.

Finally, the player then decides which of their skills is the best, and assigns a d12 to it, then does the same with a d10 for the next best, and so on.  After they've assigned all their skill dice, they're done.

Core Mechanics [ edit ]

As an RPG for young children, Amazing Tales has a very simple success mechanic.  The GM simply decides which of their skills is most appropriate to the task, and the player rolls the corresponding die.  If the die rolls three or higher, the action succeeds, and the GM narrates the success.

Combat [ edit ]

Amazing Tales is not in any way a tactical game; it's purely about imagination and story-telling.  As such, there are no specific rules for injuries, initiative, or other traditional combat features.

A Best-Seller Online, For a Reason [ edit ]

​For some parents, especially those of younger children, the goal of playing an RPG is not to re-create Dungeons and Dragons: it's to let the child's imagination and inherent penchant for storytelling immerse them in an RPG-like game.  If you're looking for an RPG that let's you play on the moon as easily as in a castle, and works great even with relatively young children, Amazing Tales will be perfect for you.

If you're still unsure, consider that Amazing Tales is in a select class of products on Drive Thru RPG.  Similar to a "platinum album", Amazing Tales has "gone adamantium" on the site, selling enough to put it in the site's top 0.68%!  And it's easy to see why when you look at the 71 reviews (from purchasers), as they have an extremely high average of 4.8!

And if you're still not sure about buying the game, you can find a free (2-page) copy of just the rules, which has everything you need to try it out ... but given that the digital copy of the game costs only $6, and provides great resources for GMing children, you may just want to skip straight to it.

Amazing Tales Also Has Supplements [ edit ]

If your child winds up loving Amazing Tales then you'll likely be interested in some of their follow up products.  These include a coloring book, a superhero variant, and perhaps most notably the game's follow-up adventure supplement: The Big Book of Amazing Tales.

This supplement offers 17 premade adventures, spread across the game's four different settings.   Some even have special hand-outs for the children to interact with.  The book also contains essays from child therapists and teachers, explaining the value games like Amazing Tales can have for children.

In short, if you're a fan of Amazing Tales, you'll likely want to pick up their "Big Book" also.