One Piece Tabletop RPG Recommendations

One Piece is one of the most popular anime/manga series of all time, and the world it's set in (the various oceans and seas in particular) also makes for a great pirate-themed setting for a role-playing game.

Unfortunately, there is no official One Piece RPG, but we have a great collection of unofficial RPGs that would be perfect for a One Piece campaign!

Best One Piece Tabletop RPGs

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From 5 reviews
Game: B
From 68 reviews

Sea Kings

2nd Edition

A Free Fan-Made One Piece Supplement for the Agon RPG
Game: B-
From 524 reviews

7th Sea

First Edition

A Great Pirate RPG ... For a European Setting
Game: B-
From 1191 reviews


4th Edition

A Generic Simulationist RPG That Fans Have Adapted For One Piece
Game: B
From 1858 reviews


Fourth Edition

Another, More Narrative-Focused, Generic System (That's Great for One Piece)
Game: ?
From 0 reviews



A Short, Free, and Fan-Made Game Inspired by One Piece

Best One Piece Resources

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One Piece Wiki

An Incredible Resource With Tons of (Non-Gaming) One Piece Info