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Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Are you looking to leave the dungeon and explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland?  Do you want to fight for survival in a harsh environment, scavenging for basic necessities and battling mutants, the forces of nature, and your fellow man ... just to stay alive?

If so, we have the perfect selection of post-apocalyptic RPGs for you, including a guide to helping you find your perfect game: The Post-Apocalyptic RPG Decision Tree.

  • There is no one "best" game for all gamers, since tastes differ, which is why we offer the Post-Apocalyptic RPG Decision Tree to help you find the best fit for you.

    However, if we're speaking objectively, Apocalypse World appears to be the most popular post-apocalyptic RPG: the game is currently ranked #3 on RPG Geek ... not just out of all post-apocalyptic RPGs, but out of all RPGs!

    But, despite it's popularity, Apocalypse World certainly won't be the best option for every gamer. For instance, as a more narrative-focused game, it's unlikely to appeal to those who prefer heavy/"crunchier" rules ... which is why we have a variety of recommendations for a variety of great post-apocalyptic games!

  • While GURPS, Savage Worlds, or Apocalypse World could be used to run a post-zombie apocalypse game, Goblin Crafted has an entire separate page of zombie apocalypse RPGs, all of which are designed specifically for that kind of apocalypse.

  • Since different gamers have different tastes, there is no one best "mutant RPG" ... but if one had to pick then Mutant: Year Zero would probably be the best bet.  Gamma World and both of the Fallout RPGs also feature mutant-heavy post-apocalypses, but neither game has the amazingly high level of reviews that Mutant: Year Zero has managed to garner.

  • Most of the post-apocalyptic RPGs featured here include fantastic elements, such as mutants, psychic powers, or futuristic technologies.  However, the two generic RPGS, GURPS and Savage Worlds, can both easily be used to run a realistic campaign, and the GURPS "After the End" supplements even provide supporting material to do so.

Best Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPGs

Game: A
From 84 reviews

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

Second Edition

Resource: B
From 29 reviews
Game: A
From 842 reviews

Savage Insider (Issue 7 - Jan 2013)

Adventure Edition

A More Cinematic Generic RPG
Game: A-
From 288 reviews

Apocalypse World

Second Edition

An Extremely Popular Narrative-Focused Post-Apocalyptic RPG
Game: A-
From 338 reviews

Mutant: Year Zero

First Edition

Game: A-
From 120 reviews

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game

First Edition

Resource: B+
From 112 reviews
Game: A
From 842 reviews

The Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide

Adventure Edition

The Post-Post-Apocalyptic Setting of Rifts, With Savage Worlds Rules
Resource: ?
From 3 reviews
Game: B
From 1704 reviews

After the End 1

4th Edition

A Generic RPG That Let's You Experience Any Post-Apocalyptic Setting
Game: B-
From 270 reviews

The End of the World

First Edition

Game: C+
From 277 reviews

Gamma World

7th Edition

The Oldest Post-Apocalyptic RPG Setting, With a Heavy Focus on Mutants

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