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How to Run Killer Zombie Campaigns

An Article With Tips From Many Authors on Running a Great Zombie Game

Publisher Description

In RPT#507 GM Josh asked for zombie tips. And boy, did RPT readers ever respond!

This issue is dedicated to every GM dying to run a zombie campaign. I say knock 'em dead.

Tips on How to Run a Killer Zombie Campaign [ edit ]

The 507th issue of the Weekly Zine "Roleplaying Tips" decided to ask their readers for tips on running a zombie RPG campaign ... and their readers certainly delivered.

This resource is just a single article (with just text, no images), but it's chock full of really great advice on running a zombie survival campaign.  The topics range from dealing with finite resources, how to make a great zombie game, to the importance of dark hallways.

In short, if you're planning to start a new zombie campaign this great (free) article will give you lots of advice on how to make it fun and memorable for your group.

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