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Molten Sulfur Blog

A Blog of Historical Pirate Stories (For Use in RPGs)

Publisher Description

I present cool stuff from real history and folklore – things worth learning about in their own right! – and show how to file the serial numbers off and add them to your ongoing RPG campaign tonight. I do adventures, NPCs, puzzles, political machinations, combat encounters, adventure sites, and more! Material grounded in reality, however fantastical, is richer and more vibrant. Your players will appreciate the difference.

A Blog That Mines History for Great RPG Ideas [ edit ]

Molten Sulfur is a blog that posts about interesting stories from history which lend themselves to potentially being used in an tabletop RPG.  The blog features stories from many historical eras, but it has a "Sea" category in particular that's perfect for pirate games.

From the (real life) pirate mutiny of The Fancy, to the South Sea Colony Scam, to the capture (and subsequent liberation) of the Edward A. Horton, the blog has tons of great real life nautical adventures that make for great adventure and background ideas in a pirate campaign.

In short, if you want to look to history for inspiration for your next pirate campaign, Molten Sulfur's Sea category is the perfect place to start.

Molten Sulfur Blog, Sea Category
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