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16 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet


Publisher Description

  • CABINET DIMENSIONS 10-1/2-Inch x 8-1/2 Inch x 6-1/2 Inch, DRAWER DIMENSIONS- 6-Inch x 2-1/4 Inch x 1-5/8 Inch (small drawer)
  • HIGH QUALITY- Rugged, high-impact polystyrene plastic frame and 16 drawers
  • GREAT FOR– Storing and organizing classroom or office supplies, crafts, beads or sewing supplies, hardware, small toy storage, fishing gear and more
  • STACK OR WALL MOUNT- Cabinets stack securely and can also be wall mounted using keyhole slots molded into the back of the cabinet
  • DIVIDABLE DRAWERS- 4 drawer dividers included and come molded into the back of the cabinet, finger-grip drawer pulls provide easy access and rear stop tabs prevent contents from spilling
  • ADDITIONAL DIVIDERS: 40716, pack of 16, B0009FHJVY


A Great Way to Organize a Lot of Dice [ edit ]

While plastic shelves certainly aren't the sexiest gift possible, if the gamer you know has a whole lot of dice ... or even if they just have a fair amount, but like to keep things neat and organized ... plastic shelves can actually be the perfect gift for a gamer.  Instead of using them to store nails, screws, and other tooling bits, they can devote different drawers to different sizes and shapes of dice.

When organized this way the exact die needed will always be available at your fingertips, and when the game is over they can all be easily stored back into their corresponding drawers.  So if your gamer values organization and practicality (and has a healthy horde of dice), consider getting them these great plastic shelves.