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Cyberpunk Zaibatsu (Corporation) Generator

A Quick Way to Generate Corporations For Your Campaign

Publisher Description

Here is a automated Cyberpunk Zaibatsu (Corporation) Generator! I have a need for a quick Clan/Corporation generator for a cyberpunk-ish grand strategy game I am going to start running with some friends (a bit like Empyrean Dynasty but not so far into the future). Enjoy!

A Handy Way to Start New Corporations [ edit ]

Giant mega-corporations (aka "Zaibatsu") are a staple of cyberpunk fiction and role-playing games, and GMs usually plan at least a few major ones as part of their campaigns.  However, if a GM needs some inspiration to create those corporations, or if they need to create new corporations on the fly, game developer Michael Raston (of the site Lizard Man Diaries) has the perfect resource.

Raston's generator doesn't just provide a name for the corporation, but also a focus, operating procedure, uniform, goal, colors, pattern, and logo.  Furthermore several of these are further broken down, so instead of just generating a name you instead generate four different name parts, and then decide which to keep and combine for the corporation's final name.

No matter what system you use for your Cyberpunk campaign, Lizard Man Diaries Cyberpunk Zaibatsu (Corporation) Generator offers a quick and handy way to help you create new corporations to fill it!

Cyberpunk Zaibatsu (Corporation) Generator
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