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Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game

First Edition


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The Marvel Universe comes alive in a new adventure game. Now you can play Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and others as you dive into the awesome action and madcap mayhem that make Marvel Comics number one. Play your favorite heroes or create new ones. Includes everything you need to start playing.

A Much Simpler Zombie RPG [ edit ]

The Creeping Rot, by independent author B. Everett Dutto (aka "Claymore"), is not your typical RPG.  It's free, only two pages long (three with an optional supplement), and GM-less.  Also, players play as themselves, and their "characters" are so simple they fit on a scrap of paper (or, as the game suggests, "an index card, if you feel fancy").

The basic idea of the game is simple: the group is trapped in an old house in the woods after a zombie apocalypse.   The group will face a series of challenges as they try and survive, and will also try to implement new projects to better themselves.  Both problems and projects are handled with an extremely simple system: aside from a few d6 rolls the game is just descriptive role-playing.

As such, The Creeping Rot is unlikely to be the zombie game of choice for your next campaign ... but it might be perfect for you if you want a quick game (TCR typically takes about an hour), a replacement game when your players (or GM) fail to show, or a game that's simple enough to play at somewhere like a bar.

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Is it Any Good? The Jury is Still Out [ edit ]

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Amazon4.2 / 5156/28/2022
Good Reads3 / 526/28/2022
RPG Geek7.31 / 10456/28/2022

A Creeping Rot is a very independent publication, and so doesn't exactly have a lot of published reviews.  Even on (the site that hosts it), the game only has two reviews ... although admittedly they're both 5 / 5 stars.  As such, we can't offer much in the way of objective feedback about the game.

But the good news is that (as a free game) you can check TCR out without paying a cent.  And if what you're looking for is an extremely lightweight zombie RPG to play between more serious games, TCR might be be just what you were looking for.

Whether or not it is though, consider leaving The Creeping Rot a review: they clearly could use some more.