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Final Fantasy XIV Companion

5th Edition (D&D Next)


Publisher Description

Where FFXIV Meets D&D

What started off as a half baked idea being sewn together between classes at Teacher's College has gone through revision after revision to become what you see today! Thank you to everyone who has followed my work all this time, I hope I've done you all proud because it is the community that has truly driven me forward in continuing to work on this project for what has been over five years now. Shout out to my Free Company simply known as DEKU (Oath to Order) on the Gilgamesh server. Their warmth and the togetherness we shared has kept me hooked on Final Fantasy XIV and that is one of the key reasons I was able to keep so engaged with this content. Come join us if you like! Thanks Everyone!


Final Fantasy XIV Meets Dungeons and Dragons 5 [ edit ]

Since the original Final Fantasy (for the NES) was loosely based on the original edition of Dungeons and Dragons, it's perhaps only natural for a fan to use the latest version of that system, "D&D Next" (ie. 5th Edition), to power a tabletop version of the latest Final Fantasy game (Final Fantasy XIV).  And just as you'd expect, the two work together quite well.

The Final Fantasy XIV Compendium is a fan-made effort to essentially create 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons "Player's Handbook" for Final Fantasy XIV.  Instead of a Cleric you can be a White Mage ... or a class that's unique to Final Fantasy, like Dancer or Gunbreaker.  Similarly the book offers Final Fantasy races (eg. Hyur or Viera) to replace the standard D&D ones.

However, this supplement doesn't try to replace D&D's magic system with something more Final Fantasy-esque (like Final Fantasy d20).  Instead, the spell lists for new classes are mostly made up of Player's Handbook spells, with only some new smaller sprinkling of FF-specific spells added.

What you won't get, however, are the stats for any monsters, traps, adventures ... basically anything for the GM at all.  The same author that created the Compendium did create a side document with monster stats ... but as you can see large parts of it are incomplete, and you can only find the document by searching through Reddit comments; it's not linked to in the main/stickied Reddit thread.

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A Great Supplement ... For Players [ edit ]

Although the creator of the FF XIV Companion had plans to keep updating it, those plans haven't yet led to a finished product, which means for now a DM has to be comfortable coming up with the in-game details of the world of Final Fantasy themselves.  If you want your party to encounter Scalekin, there are no official rules for them.  You might use lizard men as the obvious choice, or go with a different monster ... or customize either ... but the point is you'll have to figure all that out yourself.

In short, the Final Fantasy XIV Companion gives you everything you need to create characters in a Final Fantasy XIV tabletop game ... but it doesn't give you what you need to run a campaign of it.   That means that even though the supplement is a great and 100% free work, it won't be useful to everyone: only GMs who are willing to do the work of adapting D&D to Final Fantasy themselves.