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Reach of Titan


An Unfinished (Possibly Forever?) Titan-Fighting Game

Publisher Description

Humanity has been scattered across the land, isolated in small villages that cling to existence. Giant creatures called Titan’s roam the world destroying everything in their path. The only way for mankind to survive is by fighting against these behemoths, defending against the ones that pose a threat, and hunting others for food. That is the role of a Titan Hunter.

Reach of Titan is a game that uses an original system designed to emulate fantasy style fights with giant creatures. The game will have a familiar feel for those that have played Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, or watched the Attack on Titan anime. The battles are designed to be half-puzzle, half-combat where players must use more than their die rolls to bring down these behemoths. The encounters are challenging as you must solve the puzzle of killing the Titan, while working with the resource management system of combat. This combination of systems provides a very unique RPG experience.


Reach of Titan Reaches for the Skies [ edit ]

Reach of Titan is not an Attack on Titan game, but it is a game about fighting large creatures called "titans", and unlike GURPS or Titan World it does have detailed rules specifically designed for doing just that.

However, those titans aren't quite the same as the ones Attack on Titan: of the three provided, only one is humanoid, making Reach of Titan more similar perhaps to the Shadow of the Colossus video game.  Also, the game is set in the stone age, so there's definitely no maneverability gear to be found.

Also, Reach of Titan isn't yet a full game, only a playtest version, and by its own creator's admission it's really only 1/3 of one at that: it provides basic rules for fighting titans, but the game eventually intends to have rules for hunting the titans, and for building (caveman) settlements.

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Reach of Titan Exceeds its Reach [ edit ]

In February of 2019 the creator of Reach of Titan, Jim McClure, finished a Kickstarter campaign for his new game.  The campaign proved reasonably successful, earning over $60,000.  PDFs of the finished product were promised in December of that year, with physical books coming later.

At the time of writing (the end of 2021) McClure still has yet to deliver on his promise, and fans are more than a little upset (as you can see from the comments).  However, McClure still provides (inconsistent) updates on the Kickstarter page for the project, suggesting that he is still working on new titans and hopes to release the product someday.

For now, fans of the idea of stone age warriors battling titans in an indie RPG will have to wait and make do with the playtest version of the game, which luckily is available for free on Drive Thru RPG.