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The Promethean (v3.5)

5th Edition (D&D Next)


Publisher Description

Hello again, the promethean class returns with a few changes, a couple of tweaks and a handful of revisions. Hopefully this is a little more balanced and cohesive in the abilities. Or maybe its even more unbalanced ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Either way, enjoy it if you end up playing it and as always opinions are welcome.

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A Homebrew Class for Adding Attack on Titan to Your D&D Campaign [ edit ]

Before we start let's just get a few things out of the way.

First off, The Promethean is not an official Dungeons and Dragons product ... although you could be forgiven for thinking so, because the author did an excellent job of publishing it.  Second, The Promethean is not a full campaign supplement: it's just a class (with seven sub-classes and a multiclass feat), which lets you play a D&D character who resembles one of the Titan-hosting characters from Attack on Titan.

Finally, while D&D is the world's most popular role-playing game, and it is very flexible, it was designed for, well, dungeons and dragons ... not the steampunk fantasy of Attack on Titan.  As such it lacks rules for things like mobility gear, spinal fluid injections, or stats for the Titans themselves (although you can make your own using similar large humanoid monsters, such as giants or golems).  There's also no Paradise Island setting (with maps, NPCs, adventures, etc.)

However, if you're not looking to play in the world of AoT, and instead you just want your next D&D character to be more like Eren (or any other Titan-powered character from the story) the homebrew Attack on Titan-inspired class called "The Promethean", from author HOSTwritr, will give you exactly that.

The Promethean Class [ edit ]

The Promethean supplement includes eleven pages of content, not counting the title page and credits.  Many of those pages feature large (and gorgeous-looking) Attack on Titan art, but there's still more than enough detail provided to make this class a fully viable one ... assuming of course that you enjoy homebrew content.

The class starts out as a basic unarmed melee class, gaining the ability to do d6 unarmed damage (or more at later levels), and gaining a bonus to AC when unarmored. At 3rd level the class really comes into its own, with the "Transforming Light" power, which lets the character transform into a "much larger being" (ie. a Titan) if they are wounded.  The character can choose between seven possible titan forms for this power (each clearly inspired by the anime).

Future levels add more AoT-inspired powers, such as the level five "Collateral Damage" (which lets the character commit area-of-effect attacks using their massive size), or the level nine "Rejuvenating Fire" (which creates a burst of flame when the character transforms, similar to the explosions the Titans on the show create when transforming).

Should You Buy It? [ edit ]

Unfortunately, as a homebrew product, there are no online reviews for The Promethean: the closest you'll find are a few comments in the Reddit thread announcing it.  However, the top such comment (with seven upvotes) is very positive:

I absolutely love this class. I'd need to think a lot more in depth to give my thoughts on balance but it doesn't seem overpowered. Either way though I think you have nailed the flavor of being a titanshifter and that is absolutely awesome.

And, since The Promethean is a fan-made supplement, it has a very attractive price (free), which means anyone interested in taking a look simply needs to click the link.  Again, The Promethean won't let you run an entire Attack on Titan D&D campaign ... but it absolutely will let you (or one player in your campaign) inject a strong dose of Attack on Titan influence.

The Promethean (v3.5), Fifth Edition Homebrew
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