The Ten Rings

The Ten Rings

Items of the MCU, Part 17

Hi everyone! Today's item is technically a set of items: the Ten Rings from Shang-Chi. I love wuxia and this movie was absolutely stunning! This is another item I'd love to use if I had the chance to play it in a game. It really rewards creativity and gives opportunity for some very unique moves.

"Throughout my life, the Ten Rings gave our family power. If you want them to be yours one day, you have to show me you are strong enough to carry them.”

Notes: I initially made a set of Alternate Abilities but I realized I had to include the fact that the rings can be split up and used for different tasks at the same time. I've written it out as one ability to save space but mechanically it’s Cosmic Power 2 bought ten times (for each ring) with the appropriate gadget limitations. So one can reassign the rings/points for whatever they want as long as it makes sense. Xu Wenwu would have a *lot* more points due to his long experience using them, but this is a basic version that a player could use.

Made an edit and added more uses that I forgot to include when I made the post!

The Ten Rings (126)

Ring -65: Gadget (Breakable ((Breakable (DR 26+, SM -6)) -10%, Gadget (Can Be Stolen (QC of DX)) -30%, Unique -25%

Modular Abilities (Cosmic Power 20) -40%: Physical Only +50%, Limited (Focus-Limited (Rings)) -15%, Limited (Trait-Limited (Advantages Only)) -10%, Rings -65% (120)

Unaging: Rings -65% (6)

Sample Uses:

Arm ST +6 (One Arm) (18)

Arm ST +4 (Both Arms) (20)

Binding 5: Retractable +80% (18)

Catfall (10)

Crushing Attack 4d+2 -15%: Increased 1/2D x10 +15%, Reduced Range (10y) -30% (20)

Crushing Attack 2d+1 +55%: Cone (2y) +70%, Increased 1/2D x10 +15%, Reduced Range (10y) -30% (18)

Crushing Attack 5d -20%: Melee -20% (20) DR 6 -40%: Active Defense -40% (18)

DR 10 -60%: Active Defense -40%, Directional (Frontal) -20% (20)

Striking ST +10 -60%: One Attack Only (Kick) -60% (20)

Super Jump 2 (20)

Walk on Air (20)

Whereas a single ring (costing 12 points) would be much more limited in what it could grant.

Crushing Attack 1 -15%: Increased 1/2D x10 +15%, Reduced Range (10y) -30% (2)

Striking ST +1 -60%: One Attack Only (Right/Left Punch) -60% (2)

Striking ST +1 -60%: One Attack Only (Kick) -60% (2)

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