The Reality Stone

The Reality Stone

Items of the MCU, Part 9

Hi everyone! Sticking to the pattern, we’ve got another infinity stone today! The Reality Stone is the third stone Thanos gets, and the scene on Knowhere when he gets it is very well done. This one is mostly used to make some complex illusions, but it has some very neat reality-warping powers from turning people to stone/ribbons, shifting the ground to form a stone cage, and simply unmaking objects (with the special effect of turning them into bubbles). I included a couple other powers I thought were fitting, namely Corrosion for an "unmaking" power and Snatcher.

“Reality is often disappointing. That is, it was. Now, reality can be whatever I want."

Notes: I struggled over how best to represent the reality-warping ability that would form the basis of the Wildcard power, but fortunately there’s a similar ability in GURPS Weird. I modified it slightly with Area (and Spherical Area, which is a modifier I found on the sjgames forums) and a couple Illusion modifiers as well as Selectivity. Since a lot of infinity stone effects seem to be based on Will or IQ, this seemed like a good way to represent the base powers rather than Control Reality. It also allows the large-scale visuals Thanos presents on Knowhere and during his monologue on Titan.

Bonus: If you’re not a fan of Illusion for this, you can ditch the Wildcard power and buy Modular Abilities (Cosmic Power 115) +65%: Cosmic +50%, Physical Only +50%, Focus-Limited (Reality Stone) -5%, Infinity Stone -30% (1898). This can be used to buy most of the abilities used in the movies, just at a lower level.

Reality Stone (1900)

Infinity Stone -30%: Breakable (DR 26+, SM -9) -0%, Can Be Stolen (Forcefully Removed, may not work for opponent) -5%, Unique -25%

Reality! (Illusion +1800%: Area 12 (4096 y) (Selective, Spherical) +1220%, Cosmic +50%, Cosmic (Can heal as well as harm) +0%, Cosmic (Lingering Effect) +100%, Extended (Touch, Taste/Smell) +40%, Increased Range 3 (x10, 1000y) +30%, Initiative +100%, Mental +100%, Ranged +40%, Reliable 8 +40%, Selectivity +10%, Stigmata +100%, Infinity Stone -30% (475)) (1900)

Reality! uses (475):

Affliction 8 +485%: Cosmic +50%, Extended Duration (Permanent) +150%, Incapacitation (Paralysis (Variant)) +150%, Increased 1/2D (10x) +15%, Malediction 2 +150%, Infinity Stone -30% (468)

Ally (Bat Swarm, 25% or less, Always Available x4) +170%: Cosmic +50%, Minion +50%, Summonable +100%, Infinity Stone -30% (11)

Binding 100 +90%: Cosmic +50%, Engulfing +70%, Infinity Stone -30% (380)

Control Space 7 +20%: Persistent +10%, Ranged +40%, Infinity Stone -30% (252) (Note: The Space Stone and Reality Stone used together (using the Wildcard ability of the Space Stone to gain a further 7 levels), can alter distance by ±21 on the SSR table. This can reflect the scene where Thanos uses those two to pull Doctor Strange towards him.)

Corrosion Attack 21d +120%: Cosmic +50%, Armor Divisor 3 +100%, Infinity Stone -30% (462)

Create Solid 3 (Up to 90 lbs) +250%: Cosmic +50%, Cosmic (No Die Roll Required) +50%, Destruction +100%, Ranged +40%, Reduced FP Cost 2 +40%, Infinity Stone -30% (420)

Invisibility +180%: Affects Machines +50%, Can Carry Objects (Heavy) +100%, Cosmic +50%, Switchable +10%, Infinity Stone -30% (112)

Snatcher +470%: Cosmic +50%, Cosmic (No Die Roll Required) +50%, Creation +100%, Permanent +300%, Infinity Stone -30% (456)

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