Iron Spider Armor

The Iron Spider Armor

Items of the MCU, Part 16

Hi everyone! Today's item is the Iron Spider Armor, given to Spider-Man by Tony Stark in Infinity War. Those of you who have been paying attention to the Infinity Stone posts probably realized I'm getting close to the end of this series. Currently the plan is to post the Skyrim Standing Stones (a single post), which were requested in a comment, and then after that I might do some racial templates for The Dresden Files, one of my favorite series. As always, if you'd like to see something specific (a series or a post), let me know!

"This suit is ridiculously intuitive."

Notes: The suit is built as two Alternate Forms: the standard suit and the "instant kill mode," with the latter only being accessible while in the normal mode. The base form is less expensive so it only costs the base price of the Alternate Form. I'm pretty happy with Instant Kill Mode, and the Pincers could probably have some more abilities added to them. I couldn't find where the Iron Spider suit is stored when inactive, so feel free to add Gadget limitations as desired.

Iron Spider Armor (424)

Alternate Form (Iron Spider, 299) +140%: Active Change +20%, Reduced Time 4 (1 sec) +80%, Once On, Stays On +50% (36)

Alternate Form (Iron Spider (Instant Kill Mode), 399) +90%: Active Change +20%, Reduced Time 4 (1 sec) +80%, Required Intermediate Form -10% (359.1+28.5 -> (388))

Iron Spider (299)

Accessory (Parachute, Communicator) (2)

Ally (Karen, 25% or less, Always Available x4) (4)

DR 60: Can’t Wear Armor -40% (180)

Doesn’t Breathe (20)

Flight: Controlled Gliding -45%, Small Wings -10% (18)

Night Vision 6 (6)

Vacuum Support (5)

“Pincers” (69)

Pincers (69)

Striker x4 (Pincers, Impaling): Long +100% (64)

AA (3): Catfall +10%: Feather Fall +20%, Accessibility (Pincers must be able to deploy) -10% (11)

AA (2): Resistant (+8) to Knockback (8)

Instant Kill Mode (399)

Iron Spider (299)

Enhanced Dodge 1 (15)

Enhanced Parry 2 (Brawling) (10)

Extra Attack 3 (75)

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