The Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet

Items of the MCU, Part 19

Hi everyone! Today brings us to the end of the MCU series, with the item that was the culmination of the Infinity Saga. That being said, if there are any items you want me to consider, please let me know! Tomorrow I’ll post the Skyrim standing stones as requested, then it’s on to some racial templates for The Dresden Files.

The Infinity Gauntlet is an item specifically designed to wield all six Infinity Stones in conjunction. Wielded by Thanos throughout Infinity War, and then replicated in the form of the Nano Gauntlet in Endgame, it's truly the item of a Titan.

"A device capable of harnessing the power of the Stones."

Notes: I pondered how best to represent the Snap (or any use of the Stones altogether), including somehow pooling the points from the Wildcard powers and statting up the Snap as an Innate Attack. But fortunately there was already a trait that did this much more elegantly...

The Infinity Gauntlet (231)

Gauntlet -35%: Gadget (Breakable (DR 20; SM -3)) -20%, Gadget (Can Be Stolen (Forcibly Removed, May not work for thief)) -15%

Mind Talent 5: Gauntlet -35% (33)

Power Talent 5: Gauntlet -35% (33)

Reality Talent 5: Gauntlet -35% (33)

Soul Talent 5: Gauntlet -35% (33)

Space Talent 5: Gauntlet -35% (33)

Time Talent 5: Gauntlet -35% (33)

Ultrapower: Gauntlet -35% (33)

Note: Thanos performing the Snap in Wakanda would have rolled against Will+Talent-8 (Transcendent Feat) for a total of 15 (18(?)+5-8), as well as a negative modifier for having just been hit by Stormbreaker. This would have cost him all of his FP. The power also appeared to have been crippled, so it must have been a success by two or less.

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