Levitation Cloak and Sling Ring

The Cloak of Levitation and the Sling Ring

Items of the MCU, Part 13


Hi everyone! Looking at two of Doctor Strange's items today: his Cloak of Levitation and the Sling Ring. Neither is especially complicated but they both get a lot of screentime, and more use than the Eye of Agamotto, despite being slightly less iconic.

"The Cloak of Levitation... it came to you." "No minor feat, it's a fickle thing."

"Mastery of the sling ring is essential to the Mystic Arts. They allow us to travel throughout the multiverse. All you need to do is focus."

Notes: The Cloak is an excellent example of abilities granted by an Ally. The stat block for it is at the end of the post, but all it does is grant flight and mitigate fall damage. I considered adding 360 Degree Vision since the cloak alerts Strange to danger, but that seems more like it acting as a good Ally rather than a granted ability. The Sling Ring has some similar enhancements to the Tempad. I gave it Requires Concentrate which reflects early use of it, but more experienced users could probably buy it down to Requires Hand Gestures.

Cloak of Levitation (38)

Ally (25% or less, Always x4): Special Abilities +50% (6)

Catfall: Feather Fall +20%, Granted by Ally -40% (8)

Flight: Granted By Ally -40% (24)

Sling Ring (390)

Ring -40%: Gadget (Breakable (DR 5; SM -9) -15%, Gadget (Can Be Stolen (QC of DX, will not immediately work for thief)) -15%, Magical -10%

Jumper (Dimension) +95%: Reliable 10 +50%, Tunnel +100%, Warp Jump +10%, Magical -10%, Requires Concentrate -15%, Ring -40% (195)

Warp +95%: Reliable 10 +50%, Tunnel +100%, Warp Jump +10%, Magical -10%, Requires Concentrate -15%, Ring -40% (195)

Ally, Cloak of Levitation (145 points)

ST 12: NFM -40% (12); DX 12: NFM -40% (24); IQ 8 (-40); HT 12 (20)
HP 12; Per 10 (10); Will 10 (10); FP 12
Speed 6; Air Move 12/36; Dodge 10*

Constriction Attack (15); DR 5: Tough Skin -40% (15); Doesn't Breathe (20); Doesn’t Eat or Drink (20); Doesn’t Sleep (10); Enhanced Dodge 1 (15); Enhanced Move 1.5 (Air Move 36) (30); Flight: Magical -10% (36); Unaging (5)

Cannot Speak (Mute) (-25); Fragile (Combustible) (-5); NFM (-30); No Legs (Aerial) (-0)

Aerobatics (H) DX+1 (8); Flight (A) HT+2 (8); Occultism (A) IQ+1 (4); Thaumatology (VH) IQ (8)

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