Casket of Ancient Winters

The Casket of Ancient Winters

GURPS Items of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Part 2


Hey folks, this is probably the least iconic item in this series I’m going to do, having only seen use in Thor, but I needed some items to round out the list and this one is one of the more powerful/interesting (compared to stuff like a photostatic veil or Vulture's wings). It did get shown off in two episodes of What If...?, which might remind people what it is and the power it packs.

“From a realm of cold and darkness came the Frost Giants. Threatening to plunge the mortal world into a new ice age.”

Notes: It’s unclear whether the casket can be used by anyone or only by frost giants. As best I can tell, we only see it used by Laufey and Loki. If you’d rather allow anyone to use it, increase Can Be Stolen to -30%. I gave it a couple different uses: a combo Binding and Fatigue Attack in a cone 2y wide, Create Ice (4000 lbs), and Crushing Attack to make an ice wall/barrier.

Casket (Limitation) -55%

All powers of the casket share a common set of limitations:

  • Breakable (DR 26+, SM -4) -15%
  • Gadget (Can Be Stolen (QC of ST), Will not work for every thief) -15%
  • Unique -25%

Casket of Ancient Winters [366]

Binding 70 +75% [245]

  • Cone (2y) +70%
  • Engulfing +60%,
  • Link (Fatigue Attack) +10%
  • Casket -55%
  • Elemental -10%

Alternate Ability [37]: Create Ice 20 [185]

  • (Specific Item) +85%
  • Cosmic (No Die Roll Required) +100%
  • Reduced FP Cost 2 +40%
  • Casket -55%

Alternate Ability [34]: Crushing Attack 10d +235% [168]

  • Area Effect 4 (16y) +200%
  • Persistent +40%
  • Wall (Rigid (DR 30, 5 HP), Any shape) +60%
  • Casket -55%
  • Elemental -10%

Fatigue Attack 4d +25% [50]

  • Cone (2y) +70%,
  • Hazard (Freezing) +20%
  • Link (Binding) +10%
  • Casket -55%
  • Elemental -10%

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