Black Panther Habit

The Black Panther Habit

Items of the MCU, Part 14

Hi everyone! Today's item is the updated Black Panther outfit, the "bulletproof cat suit" worn by T'Challa (RIP Chadwick Boseman) in Black Panther. It doesn't grant any improved physical capabilities, but its vibranium claws, flexible armor, and improved stealth complement the abilities of the heart-shaped herb and allow the current Black Panther to become a truly fearsome opponent.

"The Black Panther has been a protector of Wakanda for generations. A mantle passed from warrior to warrior."

Notes: It uses the homebrew rules for the Absorption enhancement found on MyGURPS. I've found this to be pretty balanced and it actually results in people taking that enhancement! The rest of the suit is pretty simple. It can handle Hawkeye’s explosive arrows without a problem, and I gave him enough DR to tank the concussion grenades in the basic set. I wasn't sure how much Armor Divisor to give Vibranium, but I used AD3 for Uru (Mjølnir and Stormbreaker) so that seemed a safe number.

Black Panther Habit (350)

Habit -15% (Halved since the gadget limitations only apply when the suit is not activated): Gadget (Breakable (DR 26+, SM -6, Machine)) -15%, Gadget (Can Be Stolen (QC of DX, Will not work for thief)) -15%

Alternate Form (Black Panther, 325) +65%: Active Change +20%, Once On, Stays On +50%, Reduced Time 1 (5 sec) +20%, Habit -15%, Superscience -10% (325+25 -> (350))


Accessory (Communicator) (1)

Armor Divisor 3 (Modifying ST-Based Damage, P146) (varies)

Claws (Sharp Claws): Armor Divisor 3 +100% (10)

Crushing Attack 0 +90%: Area (4y) +100%, Double Knockback +20%, Emanation -20%, Superscience -10% (0, 9.5/die)

DR 60 -10%: Absorption (Crushing Attack, Striking ST) +10%, Hardened 2 +40%, Can’t Wear Armor -40%, Flexible -20% (270)

Parabolic Hearing 2 (8)

Silence 3 (15)

Striking ST +3 (15)

Striking Surface (1)

Ultrahearing (5)

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