Items of the MCU, Part 5

Hi everyone, today's item is the TemPad from Loki. These are small computers used by the Time Variance Authority to travel to different timelines to enforce the order of the Sacred Timeline. I shuffled up the old MCU with the newer shows/movies so this is one of the more recent ones, and it seems to be a lot of people's favorite of the shows (which is wild, WandaVision and Moon Knight are my favorites). This one came out to be a lot more expensive than I expected; I've never really fiddled around with Jumper in any of my games.

“For all time. Always.”

Notes: A lot of the capabilities are pretty obvious: Warp for teleportation via the doors, Detect Variant is used a lot in the show to find those who go against the "natural order", and its functionality as a small computer is a necessity. The main point cost comes from the two Jumper advantages and the Tunnel enhancements on those two and Warp. I included Jumper twice since they can travel amongst a given timeline or between timelines, which are separate advantages on B64: "You can travel through time or to parallel worlds (sometimes known as "timelines") merely by willing the "jump." ... To do both, you must buy Jumper (Time) and Jumper (World) separately, at full cost."

TemPad (588)

TemPad -55%: (Breakable (DR 8, SM -5, Machine)) -25%, Gadget (Can Be Stolen (QC of ST)) -30%

Accessory (TVA File Access): TemPad -55% (1)

Detect Variant, Occasional -80%: Analysis Only -50%, TemPad -55% (2)

Jumper (Time) +115%: Extra Carrying Capacity (Extra Heavy) +50%, Omni-Jump +10%, Tunnel +100%, Warp Jump +10%, TemPad -55% (215)

Jumper (Timeline) +115%: Extra Carrying Capacity (Extra Heavy) +50%, Omni-Jump +10%, Tunnel +100%, Warp Jump +10%, TemPad -55% (215)

Warp +55%: Extra Carrying Capacity (Extra Heavy) +50%, Tunnel +100%, Warp Jump +10%, Blind Only -50%, TemPad -55% (155)

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