Iron Man Mark VII

Iron Man Mark VII

Items of the MCU, Part 7

Hi everyone! It was only a matter of time before I whipped up an Iron Man suit, and I opted for one of the most iconic ones. The Mark 7 is the suit used in the Battle of New York in Avengers, and has one of the better looks in my opinion. I had some trouble finding feats for it since it's only used in the latter half of Avengers and in some comics, but I used stats of older Iron Man suits in some places. It ended up being more expensive than expected, mainly due to DR, ST, and Enhanced Move. But without further ado:

"The suit and I are one. To turn over the Iron Man suit would be to turn over myself, which is tantamount to indentured servitude or prostitution, depending on what state you're in. You can't have it."

Notes: I’ll use this section to detail the capabilities/weaknesses of the suit with some explanation. I opted for Alternate Form since this is the first Iron Man suit that he can call to him. Gadgets would make sense for the previous suits, and Ally/Granted by Ally would work well for the Iron Legion suits which can function on their own, but for this one Alternate Form seemed like the best decision.

It has DR 120, which I made semi-ablative since it can only take so much damage from larger sources (e.g., the Mk 2 looks pretty beaten up after taking a tank blast). It gives a ST bonus of +15 which costs 2 ER every minute, which is enough to do most of the casual lifts we see the suit do. For an additional ER, that can be increased to +105 via Super-Effort. Any lifts beyond that would take advantage of the Godlike Extra Effort rules from Powers. I know normally machines can’t use Extra Effort but I would make an exception based on how the suit works. It can fly at 785 mph, a little over the speed of sound. We only see some of what it can do, but I added in some weapons from past armors.

The suit requires ER for a lot of its abilities, and this seems to be the first suit to have an integrated arc reactor (hence the Regeneration which would normally just be on Tony’s sheet, counteracted by his Dependency (Arc Reactor)). This ER can also be used to add damage or ST via Godlike Extra Effort. I guess it would use the PC’s HT, since I wasn’t able to think of a good alternative. It also requires 11 hours of maintenance every week. A critical hit from any electrical attack, or any EMP type ability, can take out any of the advantages with the Electrical limitation.

Iron Man Mk 7 (1338)

Alternate Form (Mk 7, 1323) -5%: ​​Absorptive Change (No Encumbrance) +5%, Active Change +20%, Once On, Stays On +50%, Electrical -20%, Gadget (Breakable (DR 26+, SM 0, Machine)) -30%, Gadget (Can Be Stolen (Forcibly Removed, Won’t work for thief)) -15%, Maintenance Required (1 hour/week) -5%, Nuisance Effect (Suit must travel to wearer) -10% (1338)

Speed +1 -30%: Electrical -20%, Mechanical -10%, Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (14)

Accessory (Cell Phone, Communicator) (2)

DR 120 -25%: Hardened 2 +40%, Can’t Wear Armor -40%, Maintenance (1h/week) -5%, Semi-Ablative -20% (375)

Doesn’t Breathe -25%: Electrical -20%, Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (15)

ER 10 (30)

Enhanced Move 5 (Air Move 12/384): Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (95)

Enhanced Tracking 4 -5%: Multiple Lock-Ons +20%, Electrical -20%, Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (19)

External ST +5 -35%: Costs ER -10%, Electrical -20%, Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (26)

External ST +10/100 +265%: Super Effort +300%, Costs ER -10%, Electrical -20%, Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (292)

Flight -45%: Costs 2 ER -20%, Electrical -20%, Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (22)

Hyperspectral Vision -30%: Costs ER -10%, Electrical -20% (18)

Pressure Support 3 -5%: Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (15)

Protected Hearing (5)

Protected Taste/Smell (5)

Protected Vision (5)

Radiation Tolerance 5 (10)

Regeneration (1/sec) -45%: ER only +0%, Electrical -20%, Gadget (Breakable (DR 12, SM -7, Machine)) -20%, Maintenance (1h/week) -5% (55)

Sealed (15)

Weapons (305, see below)

Weapons (305):

“Anti-Armor Missile” Crushing Attack 6dx3(10) +200%: Armor Divisor 10 +200%, Explosion +50%, Gadget (Breakable (DR 26, SM -4, Machine)) -20%, Limited Use (2/day) -30% (270)

AA (17): “Lasers” Burning Attack 6d(3) (Tight Beam) +130%: Accurate 4 +20%, Armor Divisor 3 +100%, Cone (1y) +60%, Increased 1/D x10 +15%, Variable +5%, Costs 2 ER -20% (84)

AA (6): “Shoulder Rockets” Large Piercing Attack 3d +40%: Accurate 2 +10%, Rapid Fire (RoF 10) +100%, Electrical -20%, Limited Use (1/day) -40% (26)

AA (5): “Repulsors” Crushing Attack 4d +10%: Double Knockback +20%, Incendiary +10%, Increased 1/2D (x10) +15%, Variable +5%, Costs ER -10%, Reduced Range 10 (10y) -30% (22)

AA (7): “Unibeam” Crushing Attack 8d -20%: Double Knockback +20%, Incendiary +10%, Increased 1/2D (x10) +15%, Variable +5%, Costs 3 ER -30%, Inaccurate 2 -10%, Reduced Range 10 (10y) -30% (32)

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