Web Shooters

Homecoming Web-Shooters

Items of the MCU, Part 4

Hi everyone! We only see some of the many web modes and applications these neat devices have, but this captures the versatility of their many web types. I think the MCU did a great job of paying tribute to the neat (albeit campy) ways Spider-Man used his webs in the comics.

“Would you like to see more options? You have 576 possible web shooter combinations.”

Notes: I initially went at this by a list of the abilities we see and deciding how to build each of them. The plan was to use either Alternate Abilities or Modular Abilities to replicate the versatility of the devices. When I realized that almost all of the attacks were based off Binding, I realized that I could just use Selectivity on a base Binding power and let the player pick and choose in a given situation. A player is welcome to add more enhancements on as desired, to reflect either more knowledgeable use of the shooters or tinkering with them to create new results.

Web-Shooters (Homecoming) (346)

Web-Shooters -35%: Gadget (Breakable (DR 8, SM -5, Machine)) -25, Gadget (Can Be Stolen (Forcefully Removed)) -10%

Accessory (Climbing Line, Spider Signal, Tracking Bugs) (3)

Affliction 2 (Stunning) +25%: Accurate 1 +5%, Armor Divisor 2 +50%, Increased 1/D (x10) +15%, Web-Shooters -35%, Reduced Range (50y) -10% (25)

Binding 30 +430%: Area (2y) +50%, Cone (5y) +100%, Delay (Variable) +20%, Engulfing +60%, Homing (Infravision) +60%, Overhead +30%, Retractable +100%, Ricochet +10%, Selective Area +20%, Selectivity +10%, Sticky +20%, Variable (Binding Level) +5%, Variable (Cone) +5%, Blockable/Parriable -10%, Nuisance Effect (Webbing dissolves after 1 hour) -5%, Reduced Range (x0.5, 50y) -10%, Web-Shooters -35% (318)

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