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Tiny Living Dead


Publisher Description

The Dead have Risen!

Tiny Living Dead is a micro-expansion for the TinyD6 ruleset. While the bulk of the book is a stripped down TinyD6 game designed to emulate zombie heavy survival horror, Tiny Living Dead does present the following new options:


A Zombie RPG With Simpler Rules [ edit ]

In many ways the TinyD6 series from Gallant Games (Tiny Dungeon, Tiny Frontiers, Tiny Living Dead etc.) is the opposite of GURPS.  Both systems are generic and universal, and can both be used to run a zombie campaign as easily as a fantasy, space, etc. one.  But while GURPS offers detailed rules to handle any situation, TinyD6 instead  achieves its universality by avoiding going into detail in its rules.

A simple example is that in many settings zombies can only be killed with a "head shot".  In GURPS, the core rules already cover attacking specific body parts (with various penalties to hit), so it can easily handle "head shot" zombies.  Tiny Living Dead on the other hand avoids the issue, because combat is greatly abstracted: attacks are a single "to hit" roll with no specific target, and damage is dealt through hit points and saving throws.

Obviously the GURPS approach is better for fans of crunch, but what Tiny Living Dead offers instead is a simple and frictionless system, one that let's players and GMs focus more on their zombie narrative, and less on the details of the specific penalty to apply when targeting a head.  In other words, Tiny Living Dead (and TinyD6 in general) is the system for gamers who want quick playing rules, where details are a flaw and not a feature.

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Character Creation [ edit ]

One of Alan Bahr's goals in creating the Tiny D6 system was to be able to fit an entire character sheet on a single index card.  This should give some indication of exactly how "rules light" Tiny D6 truly is.

To create a character in Tiny Living Dead specifically, you decide five things:

  • their three "traits" (ie. class abilities)
  • their Weapon Group and Weapon Type
  • their Background
  • their "belief"
  • the gear they are carrying

That's it: creation is expected to take less than 20 minutes.  For a more detailed explanation, see this site.

Core Mechanics [ edit ]

To succeed at an action in Tiny D6 you roll 2d6, and must get a 5 or a 6 to succeed.  This is known as a "test".  If the test is at a disadvantage you only roll one die, and if you instead have an advantage you roll 3d6.

For instance, if one of your traits is relevant to the action, you gain an advantage to the roll, and get to roll 3d6. Because the entire game revolves around this system, 3d6 is the most dice you need to play.

Combat [ edit ]

​As you might expect, combat in Tiny D6 is handled as a series of these tests (although Tiny Living Death's combat rules are slightly modified from other Tiny D6 games).

Combat goes in rounds, with initiative set through a test.  Each round the character gets two actions, and a successful attack normally does only a single point of damage (most characters have <10 hit points).  When a character is reduced to 0 hit points they have to make a saving throw to avoid death.

See this site for a more detailed explanation of Tiny Living Death's rules.

Simple Rules Make For Great One-Shots [ edit ]

Tiny Living Dead is only available on its publisher's site and on Drive Thru RPG, where it has 26 customer reviews, with an average score of 4.3/5 (at the time of writing).  Perhaps because of that smaller rollout, it doesn't have any reviews on RPG Geek, although several reviews on the web were as positive as Drive Thru about the game.

Ultimately, the idea of playing with simplified RPG rules simply isn't for everyone.  However, even those who didn';t like the game as a long-term option reported that it made for a great "one-shot" game.  For instance, if one or two members of a group failed to show, Tiny Living Dead was reported to a great option for the group to play, quickly.

If you're looking to fight some zombies with a generic and fast-playing rule set, check out Tiny Living Dead.

Resource: Form-Fillable Character Sheet [ edit ]

As a smaller RPG there are fewer online resources available for Tiny Living Dead.  However, one fan did create a useful character sheet:

  • Form Fillable PDF Character Sheet - free from Polyhedral Nonsense (NOTE: Normally TinyD6 character sheets are index-card sized, but this is a full-page sized sheet)