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The Creeping Rot

Revised Edition

A Free/Quick Zombie RPG

Publisher Description

THE CREEPING ROT is a tabletop zombie survival game designed to be played with no game master.

as a community of regular people,  focus on using dwindling resources to tackle everyday problems,  like an empty gas tank or unsettling sounds from the woods.  your focus doesn't need to be on blowing off heads - instead, you must figure out how to conserve your supplies, ensure your safety, and protect your spirit while caring for yourself and your comrades. 

if you manage to keep your heads above water, you can undertake projects that will define the identity of your settlement. your home could be a commune with quiet spaces for meditation, a sustainability-focused outpost with an organized militia, or a welcoming social hub with cozy potlucks and roaring parties, serving as a warm light in the endless dark.

as problems pile on, pain, burnout, and poverty creep closer and closer. still, you and your friends will push onward. together, you are strong.

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